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Fan Fiction by Neko

10 June
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  • chiisaineko_fic@livejournal.com
This is the fan fiction journal for chiisai_neko.

Table 3 for 42_souls Pairing: Kid/Crona
Red = Complete, not posted Crossed out = posted

01. "Give Me Something To Believe In" 02. "Something Sexy About The Rain" 03. "No Worries, Darling!" 04. "Set Me Free" 05. "Leave Me Be" 06. "Falling Into Your Gravity"
07. "I Drank 'Till I Stumbled" 08. "The Sound Of Someone Promising They'll Never Go" 09. "Slowly Rambles On And On" 10. "Succeeding With Talent" 11. "Every Move You Make" 12. "I Feel Eternity Most Intimately"
13. "Twist Entangle Dissolve" 14. "A Mysterious Sea-Bed Of Love" 15. "If I" 16. "Don't Eat The Daisies" 17. "I Consult My Pillow" 18. "Should And Should Not "
19. "But You Will Be Safe In My Arms" 20. "Dreams May Not Come True" 21. "You Plus Me Is Bad News" 22. "Name Your Poison" 23. "She Only Comes To Me In My Dreams" 24. "Both Are Satisfied"
25. "From June To May" 26. "A Thousand Sugar Stars" 27. "I Live To Let You Shine" 28. "What I Wanted Was A Plastic Heart" 29. "Pretend You Are Strong" 30. "Always Contradicting Myself"
31. "I'm Happy, Yet What Am I Saying?" 32. "Our Breath Rose In The Cold Like A Hundred Souls Escaping" 33. "Swallowed By The Guilt Of This" 34. "I Want You. I Don't Know If I Need You, But, Ooh, I'd Die To Find Out." 35. "As Damned As He Seems" 36. "Only Fools Rush In"
37. "A Little Less Bark, A Little More Bite" 38. "I Knew What I Was Feeling, But What Was I Thinking?" 39. "There's No Telling What I'M Gonna Do" 40. "I Want Amazing Moments" 41. "Everywhere I Turn To Begins A New Beginning, But Never Finds A Finish" 42. "Would You Go With Me?"